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Now available in 10 colors!
Dark Gray
Neon Orange
Dark Blue
Bright Blue
Light Green
Classic Pen Pal
The classic Pen Pal holds a variety of pen shapes and sizes up to the size of a standard Sharpie. The strong adhesive can stick to most surfaces and provides a vice-like grip, ensuring the Pen Pal will not come loose. Made of a latex-free rubber material called thermoplastic elastomers (TPE), the Pen Pal has a durometer (softness) of approximately 47A. Measures 2.5" x .75" x .75"

Colors available:
light green, red, dark blue, dark grey, black, white, bright blue, pink, neon orange and purple

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Quantity Based Pricing:
25-49 : $1.15
50-74 : $1.06
75-99 : $1.00
100-199 : $0.95
200-499 : $0.90
500-999 : $0.85
1000-1999 : $0.80
2000-3999 : $0.75
4000-6999 : $0.70
7000-9999 : $0.65
10000+ : $0.62
Marker Pal TM
The Marker Pal TM holds pens and markers from the size of a standard Sharpie permanent marker up to a dry erase marker. Uses the same adhesive as the classic Pen Pal and is made from the same material. Only available in black at this time. Measures 2.75" x 0.8125" x 0.8125"

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All orders include free shipping!

Quantity Based Pricing:
8-14: $2.15
15-24: $1.87
25-49: $1.51
50-74: $1.39
75-99: $1.31
100-199: $1.24
200-499: $1.18
500-999: $1.11
1000-1999: $1.05
2000-3999: $0.98
4000-6999: $0.92
7000-9999: $0.85
10000+: $0.77

Used for moving a Pen Pal to a new location. Available for both Classic Pen Pals and Marker Pals.

Imprinted Pen Pals
Imprinted Pen Pals have all the same great design features as the Classic Pen Pal, but display a custom logo or company name. This kind of Pen Pal has endless uses. Some of the most popular uses for the Imprinted Pen Pal include convention favor handouts, retail sales, and company advertisement. Not only does this pen holder hold a pen, but it advertises for any business. Minimum order 2,000 plus $40 set up fee. Allow 30-60 days for manufacturing and shipping. No longer includes loops on the ends to allow for more adhesive on the bottom making it adhere better to surfaces.
Printable space is 3/8" by 1 5/16."

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Pen Pal Lanyard w/ Pen Holder
Want to do something completely different at your next trade show that will make a great impression on your attendees and give you more promotional space to sell? Use the Pen Pal LanyardTM instead of a regular lanyard and that's exactly what you will get.

The Pen Pal Lanyard is the only trade show lanyard that includes a special patent-pending pen holder the Pen Pal and comes with a pen. This unique device is designed to secure pens of various sizes in a neat and convenient position on the lanyard. It also eliminates one of the most commonly-asked questions at any trade show: "Do you have a pen?" This cleaver product will have everyone at your trade show talking.

Previously, you could sell to exhibitors the opportunity to advertise their name on the lanyard only. With the Pen Pal Lanyard, you will now have two additional advertising spaces to generate new revenue for your show: One on the side of the Pen Pal and one on the pen it is holding.

Don't wait to put the Pen Pal Lanyard to work at your next trade show! This is the first year it is available. Using it now guarantees you maximum benefit and wow factor.

*1/2" x 20" bootlace lanyard including a 3" x 4" clear plastic badge holder. Price includes printing of a one color logo on the lanyard. Lanyard available in 6 colors. Three week lead time on express shipped orders.

To order Pen Pal Lanyards
call 614-338-5377 or email